Struggling with Your Online Course Launch?

Launching an online course can be overwhelming. From designing the course funnel to ensuring a successful course launch, there are countless details to manage. If you’re feeling lost or unsure about the best strategies to employ, you’re not alone.

Book an Expert Strategy Session

In our 1-hour consultation call, we will dive deep into your specific challenges and goals. As a course launch specialist, I will provide you with a clear and actionable strategy tailored to your needs. You’ll receive a comprehensive strategy document after the call, outlining the steps you need to take for a successful course launch.

Maximize Your Course Launch Success

Booking this Expert Strategy Session is the first step towards achieving your course launch goals. By leveraging my expertise, you can avoid common pitfalls and implement strategies that have been proven to work. Don’t leave your success to chance—get the guidance you need to succeed.

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Why Book This Service?

  • Expert Guidance: Get insights and advice from a specialist with proven experience in online course launches.
  • Personalized Strategy: Receive a customized plan that addresses your unique needs and goals.
  • Boost Your Success: Increase your chances of a successful course launch with a well-defined strategy.
"Hi I’m Katelyn Magnuson and I’m the Founder of The Freelance CFO and I’ve been working with Jean for about a year now and she’s been amazing not only are deadlines communicated availability is communicated but she is knowledgeable, she is efficient and she’s able to make recommendations on the tech side of my business that I really value."
Katelyn Magnuson
Founder, The Freelance CFO